Carolina Estrada

A multi-faceted artist for whom music is an endless passion, Carolina is internationally distinguished for his profound knowledge as an interpreter of Spanish Music, performing the works of Spanish composers and her own compositions to standing ovations across the globe.


Doctor of Musical Arts
Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Japan and Switzerland
Hochschule der Kunste in Bern (HKB), Switzerland.
Japanese Society of Spanish Piano Music (JSSPM)
Tokyo Nikikai Opera Foundation

George Henderson Award
The Kathleen and Allison Short


Estrada has won the admiration and hearts of audiences around the world for her passionate yet thoughtful and sensitive music making played with an effortless technique.

Estrada has become one of the world’s most noted Spanish music specialists. She has worked with European and Australian orchestras and has also been invited to numerous festivals for recitals and chamber performances at the most important venues in Europe, Asia and Australia.


Estrada has taught at:
University of Bern, Switzerland
Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Reus Conservatorium of Music, Spain

Dr. Estrada has also been invited to lecture at the Universities of New York, Sydney, Melbourne, New England and Strasbourg

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Concert Tour: Australia


Albert Attenelle

Professor at Conservatori Superior del Liceu de Barcelona i director de L’Escola de Música de Barcelona. Pupil of Frank Marshall (Enrique Granados' student)

"As a direct inheritor of the legacy of one of Spain’s most famous composers, Enrique Granados, probably the most important pianistic tradition in Spain, I attest that
this young, yet experienced pianist is making a highly significant contribution with new
and ground-breaking knowledge in her field of specialization. Accordingly, I consider her
to be a distinguished talent and a rising authority in the international music scene".

Walter Aaron Clark

founder/director of the Center for Iberian and Latin American Music at the University of California, Riverside

"I am firmly convinced of her exceptional abilities as both a scholar and a pianist, as well as of the importance of her contributions to our understanding of Spaish music. i have deeply impressed not only by her pianistic skill, her consummate technical mastery of the instrument, but also by the intelligence and sensitivity of her interpretations".

Margarida Ullate

Director of Sound and Audiovisual Unit at the Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya

"Carolina Estrada is one of our best qualified users at the Biblioteca de Catalunya Sound & Audiovisual Unit. Not only was she researching our piano rolls and Granados archive documents, but she also put the library into a committment to organize a Seminar for the commemoration of Granados International Year. Her PhD was a real step forward in documenting Granados’ and other pianists’ performing style, and it revalued our heritage by adding very pertinent information about Granados pianistic technique. The Biblioteca de Catalunya has got the privilege to witness the art of Carolina Estrada as a performer in several concerts. She used the Granados Pleyel piano, which is located in one of the gothic reading rooms inside the library, always with a big success".

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Medals and Distinctions

The European Gold Cross

The European Gold Cross In recognition of the valuable promotion of Hispanic Arts and Culture Awarded by  AEFE – Fundation for the Unity and the Values of Europe “Fundación de Fomento Europeo” AEFE official website

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