Carolina Estrada

A multi-faceted artist for whom music is an endless passion, Carolina Estrada has been completely fascinated by classical music of the twentieth century. She is internationally distinguished for her profound knowledge based on an interdisciplinary research approach that integrates multidimensional perspectives to explore performance, combining modern studio and digitalisation techniques with early recording systems and reproducing piano technologies. Her primary focus has always been exploring experimental performance techniques frequently collaborating with other artists as well as composers.


Doctor of Musical Arts
Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Japan and Switzerland
Hochschule der Kunste in Bern (HKB), Switzerland.
Japanese Society of Spanish Piano Music (JSSPM)
Tokyo Nikikai Opera Foundation

George Henderson Award
The Kathleen and Allison Short


Estrada has won the admiration and hearts of audiences around the world for her passionate yet thoughtful and sensitive music making played with an effortless technique.

Estrada has become one of the world’s most noted Spanish music specialists. She has worked with European and Australian orchestras and has also been invited to numerous festivals for recitals and chamber performances at the most important venues in Europe, Asia and Australia.


Estrada has taught at:
University of Bern, Switzerland
Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Reus Conservatorium of Music, Spain

Dr. Estrada has also been invited to lecture at the Universities of New York, Sydney, Melbourne, New England, Strasbourg, Vilnius and the Royal Academy of Music in London

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Medals and Distinctions

The European Gold Cross

The European Gold Cross In recognition of the valuable promotion of Hispanic Arts and Culture Awarded by  AEFE – Fundation for the Unity and the Values of Europe “Fundación de Fomento Europeo” AEFE official website

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