Digital Transformation in Music Education

In my own research I explore the impact of empirical research for music education applying technology to assist in the analysis of performance and exploring new pedagogical methods and how to implement them in music education. Thus, I focus in the area of transdisciplinary research towards a digital transformation in music education and the performing arts (see my list of publications). I am interested to develop digital tools that would ensure equality of access (especially necessary in times of social distancing restrictions), aiming to transform the way pianists approach to music learning, through a new methodological approach to embodying performing practices using computational models through a machine learning system. I am currently building a proof of concept in partnership with the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). Moreover, I am an experienced user of digital audio workstations (DAW) and software specialized for music production (Ableton, Protools, Cakewalk Sonar), technological equipment for audio recordings and specialized software for audio enhancement (iZotope).

I am particularly interested to keep exploring the impact of digital technologies in music education, the impact of new technologies in the study of music performance, digital art creation and the transformation in the music industry. See my article on Machine-learning methods for analysis and generation of expressive performance.  

SocietyByte Science Magazine of the Bern University of Applied Sciences – Machine Intelligence

These lines of research imply the opening of new horizons for music education and research communities and potential growth in the music industry economy and commercialization of digital music generation models on performance.

Blockchain technologies: new digital artworks and projects

In the music industry, NFTs have become increasingly popular. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic deprived most musicians of their primary sources of revenue and the music industry faced serious limitations during the global lockdown. In my article “Music goes digital in the Age of Social Distancing”, I explain the impact of this phenomenon in music education and in the performing arts industry

World’s First NFT Classical Music Platform

In April 2021, Iberia Classics, released the world’s first NFT classical music platform to bring classical music to the Blockchain markets and the crypto space, exploring new ways of digital ownership in the form of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Iberia Classics, founded by myself together with Data Architect Albert Garcia, promotes digital art and classical music compositions in the NFT marketplace, successfully creating and selling my artworks to art collectors.

Iberia Classics Classical NFT Music Collections

NFT limited edition artworks

Iberia Classics Collections: Lorem Ipsum Passacaglia

I am the author of the world’s first NFT Symphonic work, an original digital recording for string orchestra and choir, to sell on the blockchain at the winning bid of 1ETH ($4500 at the time of the sale), owned by the NFT collector Atagonist4ever, since April 28, 2021.

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Documenting in sound cryptocurrencies fluctuations

Among the NFT projects that bring innovation to the traditional world of classical music, I am the author of two collections that document in sound the historic fluctuations of cryptocurrencies in the crypto-space during 2020:

  1. Crypto Symphony Series – The Music of the Charts
  2. One Crypto Coin a Day

Crypto_symphony series_- The music of the charts

“The Symphonic poem 2020 Bitcoin” in The Music of the Charts is the sonification of the tradingview BTC 2020 chart. It is written for a Symphonic orchestra using traditional methods of music composition.

The Bitcoin 2020 Symphony NFT on Opensea

One Crypto Coin a day

It is a contemporary conceptual experiment of sonification using data-driven methods and artificial intelligence. In collaboration with certified computer architect Albert Garcia developed an algorithm that scans and learns about every chart fluctuation of selected cryptocurrencies, generating the sound ramifications which are translated into electronic music artwork. The visual art by Garcia supports is a visual guide to the sonification, that changes in response to the music; the up and downtrends in the charts are echoed in a visual experience for traders and crypto lovers using a reproduction of real-time tradingview visualisations.


DOGECOIN (DOGE)20202021-11-17OpenSea
BITCOIN CASH (BCH)20202021-11-18OpenSea
CARDANO (ADA)20202021-11-19OpenSea
BINANCE COIN (BNB)20202021-11-20OpenSea
ETHEREUM (ETH)20202021-11-21OpenSea

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