World's First Symphonic NFT

I have experience promoting my digital music compositions in the NFT marketplace, successfully creating and selling my artworks to art collectors. As a digital artist I am the author of the world’s first NFT Symphonic work (sold for $4000), and currently working on new NFT music compositions and limited edition...Read More »

TCH Ukranian National Television

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General Society of Spanish Authors (SGAE) AWARD

Enrique Granados, a portrait of Spain

World Premiere of Cuadros Goyescos. Australian Concert Tour. Sponsored by SGAE and Instituto Cervantes.

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World Premiere of Enrique Granados' long lost work "Vita Nuova"

Performed on the Grand Piano Pleyel owned by Enrique Granados and currently treasured at the Biblioteca de Catalunya (BC), Barcelona



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Australian Premiere of Granados' long lost masterwork "Cant de les Estrelles"

Song of the Stars, poem for piano, organ and choirs

Recorded live at Verbrugghen Hall on March 24, 2015

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