I am a Spanish born pianist with an international concert and teaching career. I am currently living in Bern, Switzerland.


As accompanist

I work as Piano Accompanist with renowned singers, instrumentalist and conductors at international music festivals, masterclasses and competitions.

Some of my strongest skills are:

  • I have a natural talent for sight-reading, which allows me to accompany practically any repertoire without rehearsing it. This is convenient when accompanying masterclasses, and regular lessons with singing teachers. I am able to sight-read challenging works by composers like Debussy or Messiaen. This skill allows me to help singers in difficult situations. I remember once jumping out from my afternoon nap and running to the concert hall to assist a Master student at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music attending a masterclass with a renowned teacher from Opera Australia because the pianist (Master student) was not confident to play the repertoire.
  • Another strong skill (complementing my sight-reading ability) is that I can prepare a full concert program in a short window of time (1~2 days). I remember a Trumpet student that called me 2 days before his final exam for his Master of Music degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. His pianist got sick, so you can imagine how desperate the situation was. The difficulty level of the program was incredibly challenging, performing a selection of some of the most difficult contemporary works for piano and trumpet. The exam was so successful that one of the members of the panel (Steve Rosse, first Tuba at the Sydney Symphony Orchestra) asked me to join his Tuba studio as an accompanist, which I did. Long story short, you can have peace of mind if you call me, in case you are dealing with an emergency.

As Teacher

I have been invited to lecture at the:

  • Hochschule der Künste Bern – 2019 (currently working there)
  • Royal Academy of Music in London – 2018Lithuanian Academy of Musical Theater – 2018
  • Tokyo University of Arts (GEIDAI / 東京藝術大学) – 2017
  • CUNY (Graduate Center of the city University of New York) – 2016University of New England – 2014 ~ 2016
  • The University of Sydney and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music – 2012~2015
  • University of Melbourne – 2012

Teaching philosophy

I gained expertise as a pedagogue in tertiary institutions, acting as a mentor, role model and sometimes inspiration for those aspiring to both solo and ensemble careers, but also to wider the horizons of those just wishing to learn more about pianism as an enrichment to their knowledge of music.

In lessons, my penchant for fine detail and nuance may lead to in-depth discussions and demonstrations of such matters as flexibility and shaping of phrasing, the precision of rhythm and articulation, expansion of dynamic and colouristic range, a refined and sophisticated pedal technique or exploring a range of alternative and unorthodox fingerings. At the same time, I endeavour to engage my student’s curiosity and intelligence by integrating the discussion of pianistic issues with underlying compositional issues, such as voice-leading, counterpoint, harmonic outlines and motivic development.

Once technical issues are solved and pose no impediment to fluency and the flight of a student’s musical imagination, I welcome the opportunity to delve into the deeper – intellectual, emotional, and spiritual – dimensions of music during the learning process.

What I offer

  • Piano lessons
  • Coaching singers
  • Piano Accompanist

Sessions are offered at my own place with a Gran Piano F Pleyel 1940 regularly tunned and well maintained.

Grand Piano F Pleyel 1940

Where we are

By Bus: Bus 10 – Schliern, Bus-Endstation (100m from the bus stop)
By car: Schliern Bei Köniz, Bern

My rates

Teaching and Coaching 100 CHF / Hour

This rate is offered for lessons in my Studio, in those take place somewhere else an extra fee will be charged (depending on location)

Flat rate for rehearsals + auditions/concert on request

Contact me

Phone number +41 79 108 79 13
eMail carolina.pianist@gmail.com

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