“A transdisciplinary approach to music suggests that music cannot be fully studied and understood if it is approached by only one single discipline, or perhaps by even by different disciplines which are just put next to each other without much interaction. Indeed, transdisciplinarity suggests that music can or should be approached by transcending scientific disciplines. This implies a dynamics that goes beyond the boundaries of what separate disciplines can offer to music”. Marc Leman

Pianolas and reproducing pianos

Music Rolls 

The dissemination of new ideas about the performances of 20th century
pianists challenge current practices, encouraging new research and expanding our knowledge of the field.

  • Estrada Bascuñana, C. (2019) Granados’ Secrets Revealed by His Piano Rolls. Luisa Morales, Michael Christoforidis and Walter Clark (eds.) Enrique Granados in context: The Spanish Piano School and Pre-War Artistic Movements. Spanish Keyboard Music Series vol. 6. FIMTE, 2019

Lecture at the Royal Academy of Music, London (October 2018)
19th-century performance style in Spain: Documenting Expressive Gestures of Pianists on Roll. London International Piano Symposium

Composers and the pianola: Ballet Mechanique

“Ballet mécanique, by the New Jersey-born composer George Antheil (1900-1959), is one of the most famous, and infamous, compositions in 20th-century music. It was the first piece written for multiple automated instruments, and presaged the use of what are now called sequencers by over half a century”. Paul D. Lehrman

Ballet Mechanique – Georges Antheil (1900-1959) 
Ere Lievonen, Maria Sperling, Raquel Aller, Carolina Estrada, piano
Bart de Vrees, Job van Duijnhoven, Mark Braafhard, Matthias Engier,
Tobias Guttmann, Michael Lestov, Miguel Perello, percussion
Ulrich Pohl, conductor
Bachzaal , Amsterdam


Piano and painting Improvisations

Susanna Heydarian, Swiss painter. Through psychology studies Susanna got familiar with C.G.Jung’s theories and hermetic philosophy which later inspired her search for connection between art and symbolism of dreams. Her surrealistic paintings have a mystical background expressed through intense colors. Music and music lessons took an important role in her artistic development, therefore Susanna is very inspired to perform with musicians aiming to express the affections of music through intuitive performance painting.

Gmaltiton live Performance, Amsterdam
Susanne Heydarian, painting
Carolina Estrada, piano


Music and dance

Natalia Ricci, Lorelle McNaughton, Carolina Estrada, piano
Ana Interiano, dance
Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Calido Norte 

“Le Merle Noir” – Olivier Messiaen 
DUO CALIDO NORTE : Lina Leon, flute / Carolina Estrada, piano
 1st Prize Winner –  Arjau Competition Ceremony – L’ Auditori, Barcelona

Musical saw

Musical saw/ singing saw (Hombostel-Sachs system) consisting in a plaque friction idiophone with direct friction and piano (improvisations)